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Endurance Sportswire is the ONLY press release distribution service specifically serving the running, cycling and triathlon industries. 

If you are a company in the endurance sports industry, Endurance Sportswire is for you. Our affordable and flexible press release distribution plans make us the "must have" marketing tool for your organization. 

Additionally, we are the best source for endurance sports industry news, jobs and announcements. Subscribe to our free newsletter and join over 12,000 reporters and industry insiders receiving Endurance Sportswire each morning. 

"Our team reads Endurance Sportswire every morning to stay up-to-date on what's going on in our industry, and keep on top of all the latest news, trends and developments."
Jayme Mechur, Co-Founder, Junction Marketing


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Three Great Options to Choose From
Single Press Release Distribution ($89 per release)
Only have one or two press releases a year, or want to try out Endurance Sportswire before going with our Unlimited Package? 

Quarterly Press Release Distribution ($159/quarter)
For companies with seasonal promotions or companies that want the option of distributing unlimited press releases without a long term commitment. Billed every three months. Cancel at any time.

Annual Press Release Distribution ($499/year)
Our most popular option and a 20% savings over our quarterly plan. Ideal for companies that distribute five or more press releases a year, including PR agencies, multi-brand companies and event organizations.

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Simply click here to select your distribution option and set up your account.



Login and begin uploading press releases with our easy to use form.

Select your release date, cut and attach your news and company info. Upload a logo and picture at no additional cost.



Submit your release for approval and voila!

Your release will be posted on our website, promoted on our social media channels and included in the Endurance Sportswire news report, the industry's more popular source for announcements, business news and jobs in running, cycling and triathlon.

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