Innovative Timing Systems Delivers Real-Time Results to World Series Mountain Bike Event

August 17th, 2013

Innovative Timing Systems Delivers Real-Time Results to World Series Mountain Bike Event

Whistler, Canada – August 11, 2013

Innovative Timing Systems, LLC (ITS), the leader in Sports Timing Systems, partnered with Crankworx Whistler to provide chip timing and real-time results for the Enduro World Series event held in British Columbia, Canada at the former Winter Olympics ski venue.  Approximately 300 of the top mountain bikers from nearly 20 countries competed in this rigorous event and were tracked and ranked in real-time by the new ITS Jaguar MultiStage™ timing and scoring system. This new platform allows race organizers to time complex events in extremely harsh conditions and it delivers real-time results utilizing complex scoring systems often needed for world championship races. The flexibility of the ITS Jaguar system enabled Crankworx to create start and finish lines in challenging locations only reachable by foot or on bike, and Jaguar MultiStage™ scored the event with amazing speed and accuracy.

Race start times for all five stages were pre-assigned and riders could view monitors at the starting lines to know when they should enter the chute.  As they prepared for their start, a countdown display combined with audio indicated the final five seconds before being released with a buzzer. Jaguar MultiStage™ automatically transmitted all timing data to the broadcast center in Whistler Village.  With all stage information compiled into one location, spectators and competitors were aware of each racer’s time and position throughout the event.  The event was broadcast over multiple networks, and viewers from around the world were able to keep up with their favorite athletes.  In addition, the riders themselves were able to view their current standing at any time.  Real-time information was also available to teammates and mechanics as the day progressed.  In a race with multiple stages where every second matters, and where the prize money was in the thousands of dollars, having the ability to view live results instantly gave riders an opportunity to gauge the effort needed for subsequent stages.

Jaguar MultiStage™ is ideal for Enduro events where capturing chip times for a series of races is required. The hardware platform is very portable, and it can be used in rugged mountain terrain as well as other harsh environments.  In addition, its ability to read at speeds in excess of 50 mph in challenging weather conditions allows Jaguar to deliver solid results.  In world events it’s also crucial that support crews back at the finish lines know how their riders are performing.  Jaguar MultiStage™ can automatically collect data from up to 255 timing points via satellite, internet, Wi-Fi and other types of communication networks.  The software can also manage up to 25 stages in a series, and it supports unlimited series in a season.  It can be used for everything from club races to world-class road stage races like the Tour de France.  The system also has built-in data interfaces for integration to Facebook and Twitter, live updates to iPhones and Android devices and live updates to broadcast systems used by major television networks.

Many of the top riders commented on how impressed they were with the raw speed and accuracy of the system.  Darren Kinnaird, the General Manager for Crankworx, had this to say about the Jaguar system, “We just completed the Enduro World Series here at Whistler.  The new Jaguar Enduro Timing System from ITS gave us outstanding results and allowed us to deliver a terrific event to pro riders from around the world.  The ITS team provided outstanding on-site support and custom software features that allowed us to do things never before seen at an Enduro race.  We look forward to future races using our new Jaguar system.”

Kurt Hansen, the CEO and founder of ITS stated, “When Whistler spoke to us about their event, we realized that the top professional mountain bike riders in the world would be competing.  In addition, the entire event would be broadcast through multiple media outlets and held at the Olympic venue.  We were also informed that the mountain terrain would be quite rocky and difficult to navigate.  The organizers had some concerns that we could deliver immediate results with real-time scoring, given the complexity of the event.  I assured them that our platform would deliver and deliver it did.  When we created the Jaguar platform, we built it for these types of events and we had no concerns.  At the end of the day, we successfully delivered results to an estimated broadcast audience in the hundreds of thousands world-wide, thousands of fans on-site at the race, and the athletes as well.  It was a terrific event at a beautiful venue and we look forward to working with Crankworx for many years to come.”

About Innovative Timing Systems, LLC

Innovative Timing Systems, LLC is a privately owned company, providing leading-edge sports timing systems and race timing services through a network of over 350 locations around the world.  ITS’s Jaguar products will be used by as many as 5,000 events in 2013 including running, triathlon, cycling, skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, paddleboard, adventure races and more. Founded in 2008, Innovative Timing Systems is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and has sales, support, manufacturing, and engineering facilities in Chicago, Myrtle Beach, and London.  

Contact Information Innovative Timing Systems, LLC Marketing Department Attn: Julie Dural (314) 737-4900 x213

Innovative Timing Systems, LLC

Innovative Timing Systems Delivers Real-Time Results to World Series Mountain Bike Event

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