Events Create Memorable moments with BibBoards, and Free Matching Tyvek Bibs

November 26, 2019

November 26, 2019, California – BibBoards.com just announced their new project to promote clean and green events, FREE Bibs for event directors. Event Organizers want the BibBoards to match the bibs that they distribute them to participants. And this request has been answered by the company as a continuous support to make every event clean and green.

“Sustainability is a huge priority of ours at P3R-it’s one of the reasons we are a huge fan of BibBoards!” Says Caroline VP of Partnerships & Runner Experience

Participants want to look good while tackling the route to the finish line. It is only fitting to give them what they want and feel good as they run, walk, swim or bike. Matching the BibBoards with complimentary bibs is another way to keep participants happy and enjoying the events, as well as encouraging environmental awareness. When you order customized BibBoards, you get complimentary Tyvek bibs with the same logo and design. Tyvek bibs are waterproof and won’t tear easily. They are great as keepsakes after an event but people hang them up or throw them away but as for BibBoards, they are ready to use for the next event they participate in.

“They are great and people appreciated them way more than a medal!” said Run for Good Racing Director Ilana Balint.

They are the greenest and most efficient alternative to safety pins. They are NOT magnets. BibBoards keep bibs in place without tearing any fabric, so activewear is also protected. Participants appreciate them because they are reusable, and they don’t have to worry about their shirts or tops being damaged during the race. And most race enthusiasts are aware what safety pins contribute to our carbon footprint. The tiny low tech devices reduce the carbon footprint and litter from events. They also look good while racing which adds to the appreciation for the gadget.

For events’ organizers, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. BibBoards with complimentary Tyvek bibs is a great way to promote the event as well as cause or organization it represents. They are the new real estate opportunity to promote sponsors as well as your cause.

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