Endurance Athletes are Powered by ENERGYbits® Spirulina Algae

January 16th, 2013

Montreal Canadiens Brandon Prust Says ENERGYbits® are the Perfect Fuel for Endurance Sports

Boston, MA, January 16, 2013- After what seemed like an eternity, the NHL season is finally back and fans are ecstatic, but many do not realize that a shortened season could result in more injuries. Maybe not for Brandon Prust of the Montreal Canadiens who takes ENERGYbits® to power his workouts, fuel his game and stay healthy on and off the ice. ENERGYbits® are spirulina algae tablets used by endurance sports athletes who want a natural and healthy way to improve their energy and are sold by Bits of Health Inc., a four year old Boston nutrition company. The tiny tablets are swallowed or chewed by the handful and have quickly become the fuel of choice for athletes like Brandon who find they improve his focus, performance, energy and endurance.

But ENERGYbits® are not your average high protein, high performance snack. They have just one ingredient, 100% organic spirulina algae which, according to NASA boasts a thousand times more nutrition than any other fruit or vegetable and has the highest concentration of protein in the world. No wonder algae has been used by NASA astronauts and Olympic athletes for decades. These nuggets of nutrition are in a class all their own. First class.

Endurance athletes including triathletes, marathon runners, cyclists and NHL players are increasingly using ENERGYbits® to fuel their performance because the protein in algae is already in amino acid form, so it’s instantly absorbed and immediately converted to energy. This may explain why there is never any “digestive distress” as there can be when athletes consume gels or other protein foods in the middle of a race. Handfuls of ENERGYbits® can be swallowed just prior to a game or even during a race to get a steady, sustained stream of energy. But ENERGYbits® are not only prized for their energy and rapid absorption, they also boast the highest concentration of protein in the world (three times that of steak) and contain more beta carotene than carrots, more iron than spinach, more chlorophyll than wheatgrass and more than 40 vitamins and minerals. This remarkable concentration of nutrition also explains why ENERGYbits® not only help reduce inflammation but also speed healing from muscle damage- which endurance athletes routinely suffer from.

Brandon Prust, a forward for the Montreal Canadiens says this about ENERGYbits®

“I feel that ENERGYbits® have already helped with my stamina and will be even more critical during this shortened season. As an athlete you need the proper fuel to perform at the highest level possible and that’s what ENERGYbits® provide for me.”

Fortunately, ENERGYbits® algae improves the energy, endurance and mental performance of everyone, not just hockey players. So whether you are a cyclist, marathon runner, triathlete or weekend runner, ENERGYbits® are for you. As Catharine Arnston, Founder and CEO of Bits of Health explains, “not only are ENERGYbits® a healthier alternative to energy drinks or sugary snacks, they contain no caffeine, sugar or chemicals so they are safer, greener and have fewer calories. In hockey language that’s like a nutritional powerplay.

When it comes to getting your protein, nutrition and energy needs met, ENERGYbits® can’t be beat. Want to improve your marathon, cyling or triathlon time or even win your next race? Try ENERGYbits®. To learn more or to purchase yours, visit www.energybits.com. Enter the word “PRUST” into the coupon box for a 15% discount and be #poweredbybits. Quite likely, your favorite athletes already are.


About Bits of Health, Inc.

Bitsof Health™ Inc. is a four year old, nutrition company based in Boston, MA making algae easy to understand and easy to take. The company sells four brands of algae bits that are swallowed or chewed by the handful: ENERGYbits®, RECOVERYbits®, SKINNYbits® and VITALITYbits®. Each brand provides different health benefits including increased energy, boosted immune system, reduced hunger, reduced fatigue, lowered blood pressure, reduced weight, help preventing colds and hangovers, removal of toxins, and all the green nutrition missing from American diets.

For more information or to purchase yours visit any of the company’s five websites www.bitsofhealth.com, www.energybits.com, www.recoverybits.com, www.skinnybits.com and www.vitalitybits.com.

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Catharine Arnston
Bits of Health, Inc.


Endurance Athletes are Powered by ENERGYbits® Spirulina Algae

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