Demchak of PNC Banks wins South Beach CEO Challenge

April 26th, 2016

Demchak of PNC Banks wins South Beach CEO Challenge

Bill Demchak, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of PNC Financial Services Group, won the CEO Challenge division of the 2016 South Beach Triathlon in convincing fashion, finishing in a time of 2 hrs 27 mins for the 1.5 km-swim, 24-mile bike, and 10 km-run event.

Second place went to Michael Hanlon of Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies in PA, and third was Alain Villeneuve of Vedder Price in Chicago.

The CEO Challenge weekend included an exclusive Dinner with Ironman World Champion Leanda Cave on Friday night, practice swim and athlete meeting on Saturday, and the race Sunday morning. Race day featured calm water, overcast skies and even some rain on the run course – a perfect day for triathlon!

Demchak thoroughly enjoyed his experience, saying, “I couldn’t have had a better time participating in the CEO Challenge at the South Beach Triathlon: Ted and his folks put on a fantastic event and were wonderful hosts to our team from PNC.”

When asked how, and why, he fits training into his rigorous schedule Demchak said, “I’ve long believed that exercise is a fantastic way to clear your mind or to focus it, and competing in events such as this helps me keep fitness a priority even when there are demands on my time from a dozen different directions. I travel a lot more now than I used to, but I plan time into my schedule to work out just like I plan time for business meetings. I may be on the road with a schedule that includes an employee town hall, a dinner event, a morning speaking engagement and some other meetings, but I’ll still block off time between the town hall and the dinner to get in a work out. You have to prioritize your time, and your health can’t be an after-thought.”


International Distance (.93-mile swim | 24.25-mile bike | 6.2-mile run)

  1. Bill Demchak, PNC Financial. S 28.17, B 1:04, R 47.43 = 2:27
  2. Michael Hanlon, Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies. S 31.36, B 1:12, R 49.15 = 2:39
  3. Alain Villeneuve, Vedder Price. S 34.25, B 1:12, R 50.28 = 2:44
  4. Skuli Mogensen, WOW Air. S 33.26, B 1:11, R 56.45 = 2:48
  5. Jim Myers, Oakland Periodontal. S 34.08, B 1:15, R 1:03 = 2:59
  6. John Fedele, Golden Sands GC. S 35.03, B 1:17, R 59.26 = 2:59
  7. Ed Daugherty, Affinity Holdings. S 33.57, B 1:31, R 59.58 = 3:19
  8. Jack Dell’Accio, Essentia Natural Memory Foam. S 41.05, B N/A, R 1:17 = 3:47
  9. Rich Macary, Delos. S 43.47, B N/A, R 1:36 = 4:13

Classic Distance (.5-mile swim | 20.7-mile bike | 4-mile run)

  1. Heath Eskalyo, Kelley Kronenberg. S 19.30, B 58.48, R 31.10 = 1:55

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Demchak of PNC Banks wins South Beach CEO Challenge

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