Dan Plews Overall Age Group Champion at Kona 2018 joins SFuels LLC

February 26, 2019

SFuels LLC is honored to announce, that Dr Dan Plews, Overall Age Group Champion at IRONMAN(™) Kona 2018 in a record time of 8:24 and Doctor of Sports Physiology, has joined the company as Director of our Global Coaching program, ‘Go Coach.’Continuing to develop his career in the endurance sports industry, Dan is excited to work with SFuels, the industry leader in pioneering low-carb high-fat endurance-fueling for ultra-endurance athletes.

“I am delighted to join the SFuels Team. Being a low carb athlete since 2012, I knew the sports nutrition industry was calling out for a product that solved real problems for LCHF athletes. Great nutrition for training and everyday living that is grab and go simply wasn’t available. SFuels has solved our problems! However, SFuels is more than just a nutrition product. The company strives for health AND performance and I am looking forward to revolutionizing the way we think about these two fundamental aspects within the context of endurance sports,” said Dan Plews.

SFuels began developing LCHF endurance fuels in 2014, in both training bar and drink formats. SFuels products are developed to provide caloric fuels, without the simple-sugars and sugar alcohols used in traditional products. SFuels is focused on enabling maximal oxidation of fat for fuel, while also mitigating race-stopping simple-sugar triggered gut/GI issues. SFuels was developed and tested in the ultra-running community and has since made its debut in a grand fashion at the Ironman World Championships last year in Kona with Dan – then a sponsored SFuels athlete winning the Overall Age Group in stunning fashion with a record time of 8 hours 24 minutes. 

Dan has been on the triathlon scene for a long time, however he became a proponent of the LCHF lifestyle when at the Olympics as a Sports Physiologist in 2012. He has become a fat adapted athlete and since 2017 has been using SFuels products to support his lifestyle and training. 

Dan will lead the SFuels global coach outreach program called “Go Coach” which is aimed educating coaches allowing them to support their athletes in optimizing their performance and wellbeing through transitioning to a low-carb high-fat approach to training, racing and endurance life.  

Joining Dan in the SFuels ‘Go Coach’ program will give coaches access to Dan through videos, webcasts, white-papers and major events – through SFuels online, Endure IQ and social networks.  Dan will also join the SFuels technical R&D committee, to contribute to building world-class endurance products for endurance athletes and sports globally.

SFuels LLC.  A US company, dedicated to developing fuels and nutrition for the ultra-endurance sports community, founded on low-carb high fat principles.  The company seeks to educate and enable both endurance athletes and the broader industry on improved training-racing performances, and the longevity of their endurance lifestyles.  Find more information about SFuels at SFuelsgolonger.com