Cameron Dye Announces Retirement on InnerVoice

November 14th, 2018

Cameron Dye Announces Retirement on InnerVoice

American Cameron Dye has officially retired from triathlon by penning a gratitude-filled letter on endurance sports website, InnerVoice.

In his letter, titled, “The End,” Dye says his last official race was the season-ending Major League Triathlon mixed-team relay event in Charlotte, where he represented his home state Colorado Peaks. Dye, who was born-and-raised in Boulder, Colorado, is known for his up-tempo racing style, flowing blonde ponytail, and friendly demeanor, making him a popular figure across the triathlon industry. 

In tipping his cap to under-appreciated race directors, identifying his most treasured competitors, and admitting he owes all of his major wins to his wife, Dye’s first-person letter breaks the mold of a typical retirement announcement. “We were thrilled when Cam said he wanted to work with us to script up such an important announcement,” says InnerVoice’s managing editor, Cody Royle. 

Typically, the site has focused on emotive essays from athletes, rather than news and announcement, but that is fast changing. Having featured on the site before, Dye felt comfortable with the way InnerVoice would treat his announcement. “When I decided I wanted to announce my retirement, I went to InnerVoice because they have become exceptionally good at telling the story through the athlete’s eyes. They don’t ask the same boring questions, and they take the time to make sure my words come out exactly right,” he says.

Royle says that more athletes are coming to the site to tell stories that are important to them, or to craft more authentic announcements and statements. “There deserves to be a space for athletes to tell their own stories, and it shouldn’t be limited to athletes in the Big 4 sports.” 

Dye agrees, and encourages his fellow triathletes to consider, “Every pro athlete has an interesting story to tell. Most of us don’t think we do because it’s just our everyday lives, but after you sit down and write it out, you realize you have things to offer the readers that you hadn’t ever thought about,” he says. 

InnerVoice is currently taking on investment to add staff, and expand its content offering so that more athletes can tell their stories. 

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Cameron Dye Announces Retirement on InnerVoice

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