Boost Oxygen to Appear on ABC’s Shark Tank

September 26, 2019

Boost will swim with the sharks on October 6th

Milford, CT – September 26, 2019 –Boost Oxygen is set to appear on an upcoming episode of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ during its’ 11th season on the network. On October 6, 2019, Boost Oxygen CEO/Co-Founder, Rob Neuner, and Chief Operating Officer, Michael Grice, will ‘enter the tank’ to present the background, growth and future opportunities for a Shark to join the team and contribute further to its growth.

Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen has been the entrepreneurial pioneer for developing a brand-new retail category: 95% pure supplemental oxygen in lightweight and portable canisters for health, recovery and athletic performance. Boost developed patented masks and actuators for ergonomic benefits and is the most recognized and trusted brand on the market. Boost Oxygen has set the standard for non-prescription, 100% safe and natural supplemental oxygen for the general public.

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder Rob Neuner says, “Being selected to pitch to the famous Shark Tank I think is every entrepreneur’s dream. When we first launched 12 years ago, our mission was the same as it is today – to provide convenient access to Supplemental Oxygen to everyone for any non-medical purpose. Having the opportunity to pitch and defend our business to the famous Sharks is an absolute thrill and gives us the opportunity to educate.”

“Our motto, ‘Help is Here’ encapsulates our vision:  Supplemental Oxygen simply helps in a wide range of situations and Boost Oxygen makes it conveniently available where and when people want it. Oxygen is obviously all-Natural, safe for all ages, non-toxic and non-narcotic. It can also have a ton of benefits. Our greatest satisfaction has come from the thousands of organic testimonials we’ve received from a variety of appreciative customers.”

Boost Oxygen is already adopted by professional and collegiate athletes, hockey and baseball teams, powerlifters, MMA fighters, triathletes, hikers, skiers, tourists at high altitude, college students, senior citizens, musicians, celebrities, amateur athletes, weekend warriors, pilots, and many more.

Pure Supplemental Oxygen has been clinically studied for supporting natural energy, aerobic performance and recovery, hangover, and cognitive function attributes, just to name just a few.

Boost Oxygen offers three (3) sizes, patented mask designs and aromatherapy options with convenient availability at retailers nationwide. The aromatherapy options include Natural (non-scented), Peppermint, Menthol-Eucalyptus and Pink Grapefruit. Early in 2019, a newly launch product called THINK TANK infuses 95% pure oxygen with rosemary. Independent studies show the benefits of rosemary for supporting cognitive brain functions, memory and focus.

Boost Oxygen is available at many national, regional and independent retail stores in the pharmacy, sporting goods, convenience, supplement and natural health sectors, and also exports worldwide to official distributors on all the 5 major continents.

About Boost Oxygen:

Boost Oxygen is the #1 trusted brand of portable, lightweight 95% pure oxygen. Based in Milford, Connecticut, Boost Oxygen is a Made in the USA product, available at retailers nationwide and exported worldwide. For more information, images and studies about the benefits of oxygen, visit the website: On social media, consumers post about their experiences on Facebook (@BoostOxygenUSA), Twitter (@BoostO2) and Instagram (@boostoxygen).