BibRave Unveils New Logo

November 20, 2019

Torchlight lion harmonizes the energy, passion, and intensity that inspires the company and defines endurance sports

BibRave, the running industry leader in grassroots digital marketing, today released a new logo that marks a significant update in the company’s brand identity. The totally redesigned logo is inspired by BibRave’s mission, vision, and values, and will better reflect how the company supports runners and the running industry.

Combining iconography from a forward-facing lion and torch flame, both symbols of leadership, energy, and strength, the new logo parallels BibRave’s company vision and north star: “Move people and businesses to constantly evolve what makes them great.”

As a pioneer of endurance-focussed influencer marketing, a thought leader in the running space, and home to one of the largest online running communities, BibRave exists to encourage races, brands, and runners to press their comfort zones and continue stoking their own internal fire. The new logo combines these ideas and philosophies with BibRave’s signature orange to form an engaging character logo.

“BibRave occupies a unique duality in the running world,” said Tim Murphy, Co-Founder of BibRave. “We’re a consumer-facing brand with a large community of runners and athletes of all stripes, and we’re also a digital marketing agency specializing in the fitness and endurance spaces. Creating a cogent mission, vision, and values, plus a visually compelling logo that would simultaneously speak to each audience was really challenging. We were ultimately inspired by the energy and intensity displayed by runners and the endurance industry, and the new logo harmonizes those elements.”

Supporting the new logo, BibRave has also released an updated line of performance and lifestyle items – racing and everyday tops, hats, and premium insulated mugs – that are now available for purchase at the BibRave Store. Additionally, the 2020 class of BibRave Pros – the company’s large community of running influencers – will be outfitted with all new apparel items, plus exclusive BUFF® CoolNet UV+ Multifunction Headwear and Pack Run Caps – as they represent BibRave at races across the country.

BibRave’s new logo will replace the old logo throughout the company’s digital and in-person presence, though The BibRave 100 logo will remain unchanged.

About BibRave

BibRave works with races and brands to help them engage with runners and ultimately drive more sales and registrations. Through their large network of running bloggers (BibRave Pros), their popular Twitter event (#BibChat), and The BibRave Podcast (Apple, Android, or Spotify) BibRave helps endurance brands and races go beyond simple advertising and truly connect with more runners.

The company’s consumer-facing product is a race review site where runners can learn about a race before signing up, and leave feedback after the event.