Aftershokz Becomes the Official Headphones Partner for Ragnar Relay

May 15th, 2019

Salt Lake City, UT (May 15, 2019) Aftershokz, the leading manufacturer of bone conduction headphone technology, is proud to announce its new partnership with Ragnar Relay to become the official headphones partner for both the road and trail series.

Ragnar Relay is the world’s largest relay series offering road, trail and virtual events that touch over 100,000 runners each year.   With over 40 events across 6 countries, Ragnar is a series focused on “doing things together that we could never do alone”.

Ragnar CEO, Chris Infurchia stated, “With many of these formats happening during the day and at night, Ragnar was happy to find a headphone partner whose technology could not only support runners during their runs but also meet Ragnar’s safety standards on both road and trail courses.”

“AfterShokz is thrilled to partner with Ragnar to help magnify the race experience for participants,” said Kimberly Fassetta, CMO of AfterShokz. “The unique open-ear design of our headphones allows runners to enjoy their favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks without hindering their safety or performance.”

Trail and road running requires runners to be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. AfterShokz’s open-ear headphones use bone conduction technology to transmit sound via mini vibrations through the cheekbone to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrums. This leaves the runner’s ears open to hear instructions from course officials, other runners trying to pass, traffic and more. With AfterShokz, Ragnar runners can listen to all that motivates them, without compromising their safety or the safety of others.

About Aftershokz

Since its inception in 2011, AfterShokz has been enhancing lives and changing the way people listen with its unique use of bone conduction technology. Through a suite of proprietary audio technologies and open-ear design, the company’s award-winning headphones deliver premium stereo sound and a promise of safety and comfort that is second to none. AfterShokz is committed to innovating unconventionally and making situational awareness a priority. Learn more about how the brand inspires users to #beopen and #hearitall at

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Aftershokz Becomes the Official Headphones Partner for Ragnar Relay

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