2017 RRCA Membership Renew/Join Process to Open in Early November

October 20th, 2016

Organized running clubs and events have been the driving force behind the sport of running and the Road Runners Club of America since 1958. The RRCA offers a variety of services designed to support and promote the efforts of local running organizations including clubs, events and event management companies.

The cornerstone of the RRCA’s proven suite of services is its affordable insurance program along with an IRS nonprofit group exemption benefit for qualifying nonprofit organizations. The RRCA’s general liability insurance program meets USA Track & Field’s event sanctioning requirements, including naming USATF as a permanent additional insured for all events. Furthermore, the RRCA’s insurance program provides for additional coverage not found in the USATF’s sanction program: participant accident coverage.

“Insurance coverage is one of the major benefits of RRCA membership,” explainsJean Knaack, RRCA Executive Director. “Insuring activities should be a top priority for clubs and events and never an afterthought in the planning process. While running is generally a safe activity, unfortunate things happen from time-to-time, and there are too many uninsured groups currently operating today, putting events, volunteers and participants at risk. Insurance coverage is a necessity for any legitimate running organization.”

For 2017, the RRCA’s insurance program does not have a rate increase for running clubs and events.  For the 9th year, the RRCA will also maintain its current dues rates. To further ensure the insurance program is meeting the needs of both small and large format events, the tiered general liability insurance rate structure for events and event management companies has been modified.  Smaller events with less than 250 participants will see a decrease in the minimum fee, and events with 5,000-12,499 participants will also see a reduction in fees due to the newly expanded tier structure.

Event Size  $1mill GL  $2mil GL
0 -200 part.   $100 fee (save $58) $200 fee (save $116)
  201-500 part.   $158 flat fee   $316 flat fee
  501-999 part.   $0.50/part.   $0.58/part.
  1000-1999 part.   $0.44/part.   $0.50/part.
  2000-3000 part.   $0.36/part.   $0.42/part.
  3001-5000 part.   $0.33/part.   $0.38/part*
  5001-8000 part.   $0.30/part.   $0.33/part.*
  8001-12,499 part.   $0.26/part.   $0.30/part.*
  12,500+ part.   $0.23/part.   $0.27/part.

* New tier with reduced rates compared to 2016.

In addition, for RRCA Certified Race Directors seeking event insurance, the program provides a discount on event insurance compared to rates available for events held by non-certified race directors. RRCA Certified Race Directors hired to assist with events they do not own may also access coverage for their non-owned activities if their event client is insured through the RRCA’s group.

The RRCA will begin accepting membership applications and insurance payments for 2017 in early November. Detailed information about insurance options and coverage can be found at www.rrca.org/services/insurance/.

2016 Turkey Trots must renew by October 31, 2016.

Road Runners Club of America

2017 RRCA Membership Renew/Join Process to Open in Early November

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