Victory Goes to Oregon State and Stanford Athletes at Wildflower Collegiate Olympic Distance Triathlon

May 3rd, 2016

Oregon State’s Keet Dailey races into a second consecutive win as Stanford’s Clara Meister grabs a first.

PASO ROBLES, Calif. (May 3, 2016) – Keet Dailey of Oregon State ran away with the men’s title with a strong lead over his competition while Clara Meister of Stanford University ran in for the win with a one-minute lead at the Wildflower Olympic Distance Collegiate Triathlon held at Lake San Antonio in Central California.


Dailey started Sunday’s race alongside fellow triathletes representing 20 different universities throughout the nation. Daily, looking to repeat last year’s win, took the lead on the 6.2-mile run finishing with a solid ten-minute lead over second place finisher, Cal Poly’s Devin Volk. Daily and Volk raced tightly throughout the hilly 24.8-mile bike portion but as the day’s temperatures rose, Volk succumbed to heavy cramping that forced him to drop back on the run. Jeremy Costello of Cal Berkeley capitalized on his cycling and running talents to seize the last podium spot. Costello, exited out of the 1.5- mile swim almost 8 minutes behind the lead swimmers only to bike and run his way up to a 3rd place finish; just 19 seconds ahead of 4th place finisher, Adrien Calmels of Central Oregon College, who also had the fastest swim of the day.


Clara Meister of Stanford University recently earned a top 20 finish at the 2016 USAT Collegiate National Championships where she raced against 478 fellow collegiate triathletes.  Meister capped off her season on Sunday with a solid 2:40:38 win at Wildflower. First out of the water was Camille Andre of Cal Berkeley with a swim time of 24:15. Meister was able to nab Andre’s lead on the bike and take the fastest bike time of the day with a 1:20:01 split. On the run, University of Washington’s Brianna Troksa almost closed Meister’s five-minute lead with the fastest run on the course of 28:18 and a 2nd place finishing time of 2:41:50. A freshman racing for Cal Berkeley, Sarah Rockwood had an impressive race taking third place with a 2:50:38 finish.

Wildflower was once the official venue for the National Collegiate Championships and still remains a special event most collegiate triathletes flock to for a final race after the end of their official season. Dean Harper, Head Coach for Cal Berkeley’s Triathlon team and Wildflower collegiate race announcer describes the allure of the Woodstock of races, “Most collegiate athletes don’t compete much outside of their season but it is Cal’s tradition to come to Wildflower to mark the end of the season. There’s an energy that the college athletes add to this event.” Harper has brought many of his college athletes to Wildflower only to see them racing again years later in the longer distances. “Lots of graduates do get into the long course distances,” says Harper, “I find Wildflower’s Olympic race acts as a stepping stone to introduce young athletes to the sport of triathlon.”

Men’s Collegiate Field Results

  1. Keet Dailey (Oregon State) – 2:13:34
  2. Devin Volk (Cal Poly SLO) – 2:24:20
  3. Jeremy Costello (UC Berkeley) – 2:26:24
  4. Adrien Calmels (Central Oregon College) – 2:26:43
  5.  Isaac Blundell (Cal Poly SLO) – 2:26:48
  6. Louie Cao (UC Berkeley) – 2:31:11
  7. Nathan Kwan (UC Davis) – 2:31:29
  8. Aaron Seipel (Oregon State) – 2:32:09
  9. Derek Lewis (Santa Clara University) – 2:32:17
  10. Cory Schiltz (San Diego State) – 2:32:20

Women’s Collegiate Field Results

  1. Clara Meister (Stanford) – 2:40:38
  2. Brianna Troksa (University of Washington) – 2:41:59
  3. Sarah Rockwood (UC Berkeley) – 2:50:38
  4. Martha Morrissey (UC Berkeley) – 2:53:16
  5. Nicole Krill (Oregon State) – 2:53:31
  6. Camille Andre (UC Davis) – 2:54:54
  7. Julia Mace (Cal Poly SLO) – 2:58:03
  8. Allison Penovich (San Diego State) – 3:02:22
  9. Rachel Draffen (Cal Poly SLO) – 3:05:18
  10. Melissa Britsch (Oregon State) – 3:06:26

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Victory Goes to Oregon State and Stanford Athletes at Wildflower Collegiate Olympic Distance Triathlon

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