Trail Racing Over Texas Adds Drymax Sponsorship for 2018 Race Series and Its Elite Trail Team

March 6th, 2018

Trail Racing Over Texas Adds Drymax Sponsorship for 2018 Race Series and Its Elite Trail Team

Houston, Texas (March 6, 2018)Trail Racing Over Texas, the largest community-based trail racing organization in Texas and sock manufacturer Drymax announce the 2018 sponsorship of the expansive Trail Racing Over Texas race series and their elite trail team, Team TROT.

“We are excited both as a company and for our Elite Trail Team to be supported by the leader in socks for trail running,” said Trail Racing Over Texas owner Robert Goyen. “Drymax has always been the go-to sock for running trails and we are happy to partner for the 2018 trail racing season.”

Drymax Technologies has been making some of the best socks for running since their beginning. Focusing on keeping feet dry, their socks work to reduce blisters, keep feet cool and increase performance. Trail runners swear by them and it’s easy to see why.

“Drymax socks, with our exclusive two layer technology, are constantly being put to the test by the top Ultra Runners at the world’s toughest races. Trail Racing Over Texas participants challenge themselves with some pretty epic personal goals” says Martin Hernandez from Drymax. “We’re excited to team up with TROT so that their runners can achieve race finishes with their mind on their race not on their feet.”

Trail Racing Over Texas produces a variety of races that fit well with Drymax. From ultra-marathons in the mountains of Texas to night marathons, this sponsorship is sure to help runners achieve their goals regardless of race conditions.

For more information about Trail Racing Over Texas please contact Rob Goyen at


Trail Racing Over Texas (TROT) produces the largest trail running series in Texas with over 16 races offering a variety of distances from 5k’s to ultra-marathons, kids only races and night races. TROT is a community-based company that aims to involve and benefit local communities by giving back in various ways. TROT is also devoted to bringing greater awareness to the Texas State Parks and Wildlife Department by placing races in beautiful Texas State Parks. Learn more about TROT at


Proudly Made In The USA, Drymax socks become the ‘go to’ sock of choice by many of the world’s top Ultra Athletes, including Jim Walmsley, Ellie Greenwood, Karl Meltzer, Kaci Lickteig among many others.  Drymax is the number one sock to keep feet dry utilizing a unique proprietary two-layer system which features a super hydrophobic (water hating) layer against the skin which mechanically lifts the moisture from the foot and stores it to the hydrophilic (water-loving) layer away from the foot, where it belongs. To learn more about the amazing Drymax Technology visit

Trail Racing Over Texas

Trail Racing Over Texas Adds Drymax Sponsorship for 2018 Race Series and Its Elite Trail Team

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