T1 Wetsuits Made of GreenGoma™ a limestone rubber

January 3rd, 2012

De Soto becomes the first triathlon company to offer an alternative to petroleum-based wetsuits.

San Diego, California – Until recently all triathlon wetsuits have been made of petroleum.  First in the industry to introduce limestone rubber into triathlon wetsuits, all T1 Wetsuits incorporate this amazing GreenGoma™ technology.

GreenGoma™ rubber offers better stretch, buoyancy, durability, and insulation with a more closed-cell injected construction thus making it 98.9% water impermeable.  So it is lighter, it dries quicker, and lasts longer.  The only part of the rubber that gets wet is the new stretch liner that is now made of recycled post consumer products.

Is this rubber environmentally friendly?  Is it a “green” wetsuit?

“We have seamlessly replaced one rubber with another that is better.  It is more buoyant, it helps you swim faster, and it lasts longer.  If nothing else were to change, we are selling a better-performing product with less detriment to the environment, which is always our goal,” says company founder, Emilio De Soto.

“This news has been months in the making and it is exciting to finally be able to announce it.  It is very timely given the new year and our ongoing changes at our company to become more socially responsible, but lets be realistic.  Both petroleum and limestone are nonrenewable resources and expend pollution and waste to refine into a finished product.  So for anyone to claim that a limestone wetsuit is ‘green’ is just not true, at least not yet.  The idea of trying to create a greener wetsuit has inspired us to change to recycled interior fabrics with no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) dyes and adhesives.  We are currently working with YKK to develop a wetsuit zipper made of recycled plastic bottles.  For now, the most obvious form of sustainability is simply that we have created a wetsuit that will perform better and last longer.  We feel this is a great beginning.  Before any of us can swim 2.4 miles, we first need to get across the length of a pool.  When it comes to making a greener triathlon wetsuit, we are the first to dive in.”

For questions, or hi-resolution images please email reba@desotosport.com.

About De Soto Sport

Since 1990, the De Soto Sport Triathlon Company has been one of the most sought after brands
of multisport clothing, wetsuits and accessories for triathletes worldwide.  Founded by former pro triathlete Emilio De Soto, the San Diego based company designs, manufactures, and sells a complete line of products used in this demanding sport.  De Soto’s technical garments are designed with comfort and style, and are designed for swimming, biking, and running, without having to change.  De Soto also offers a complete line of custom team apparel.  All De Soto garments are MADE IN AMERICA!  T1 Wetsuits by De Soto, with its revolutionary two-piece design, is a triathlon wetsuit that not only keeps you warmer in cold water, but also helps to correct your swimming position, enabling you to swim with more comfort and to swim faster than with any other wetsuit.  It is the only two-piece wetsuit option sold in the triathlon market and is made of limestone derivative rubber.

GreenGoma™ and T1 Wetsuits® are Trademarks of De Soto Clothing, Inc.


De Soto Sport Triathlon Company

T1 Wetsuits Made of GreenGoma™ a limestone rubber

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