Which states are truly the most popular for endurance event participation?

November 23rd, 2016

At ACTIVE, we have access to insights gleaned from millions of registrations around the world. We recently evaluated registration data from 125,000 endurance industry events across more than 16,000 organizations managed by ACTIVE software in 2015 to better understand endurance event popularity within each state in the US. Whether its health initiatives or fun events, the top markets for endurance event participation may surprise you, ranked from highest to lowest per capita:


ND               22%

DC                19%

HI                 18%

VT                11%

MD              10%

CO               9%

WI                9%

AK                8%

MA              8%

UT                8%

GA               7%

CA                7%

NV               7%

TX                7%

MN              7%

PA                7%

WA              6%

OH               6%

CT                6%

FL                 6%

OR               6%

AZ                5%

NE                5%

MO              5%

RI                 5%

IL                  5%

TN                5%

KY                5%

DE                5%

ID                 5%

NH               5%

ME               5%

NC               5%

NY                5%

NM              4%

IA                 4%

KS                4%

NJ                4%

MI                4%

LA                3%

IN                 3%

OK               3%

AL                3%

MT               3%

SC                3%

VA               3%

WY               2%

SD                2%

MS               1%

WV              1%

AR                1%

Is weather a factor?

Based on ACTIVE’s data, Nine of the top 10 most active states and 15 of the 23 somewhat active states are known to have harsh winters and temperate summers. Milder summers may play into the increased participation rate of these more northern regions. The prevalence of themed holiday runs and/or the tendency of extreme athletes to be undeterred by winter conditions could also bump those states to higher participation rates. However, Texas ranks high for summer heat, when many endurance events are held, yet still comes in as the 14th most active state, perhaps due in part, to milder winters. 

Is region a factor?

The western U.S. displays the largest number of somewhat active states, and also shows the largest variety of event types. Among the 22 coastal states, 15 (58%) rank as active or somewhat active. The least active states are spread throughout the Midwest to eastern regions based on ACTIVE’s data.

Is overall healthiness a factor?

The United Health Foundation1, along with the American Public Health Association, came up with the top 10 healthiest states at the end of 2015, factoring in “a range of statistics on behaviors and health outcomes, such as smoking, binge drinking, drug deaths, obesity, physical inactivity, infant mortality, and cancer and cardiovascular deaths. It also ties in immunization rates, crime, air pollution, the prevalence of people without health insurance, mental health and other measures to come up with a weighted nationwide ranking.” All 10 of the healthiest states correlate to the most active states (50%) and the somewhat most active states (50%), based on ACTIVE’s data, suggesting that  endurance events encourage sustained physical activity and thus improve overall health.

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Which states are truly the most popular for endurance event participation?

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