Spinlister Announces the Unification of Surf Sharing Platforms

November 18th, 2015

Spinlister Announces the Unification of Surf Sharing Platforms

Shurfing, Peer-to-Peer Rental Marketplace, Merges with Spinlister

(November 18, 2015 – Santa Monica, CA) Spinlister, the global leader in peer-to-peer action sports rental equipment, has announced the merger of Shurfing, an Amsterdam based sharing economy focusing on surfboard sharing. With this move, Spinlister is signaling the start of an institutionalized unification strategy for any resource strained or slow-growth sharing platforms within the sports category. Over the next 90 days, Spinlister will begin transitioning the Shurfing users into Spinlister’s Surf category, eventually redirecting traffic to Spinlister.com entirely. Since 2014 Shurfing has allowed people to find and rent surf gear around the world. Seeing Spinlister’s advanced platform, network benefits, lister protections, and shared vision; Shurfing reached out in an effort to better protect their users. With Spinlister’s dominant global presence and similar sharing categories, the merger is sure to provide significant value to salt water lovers everywhere.

“Few people understand the difficulties of building a two-sided marketplace better than us,” says Spinlister CMO Andrew Batey. “As the sharing economy grows, I believe it’s important to deliver on the promises made by the early pioneers; Safe, protected, and positive sharing experiences to unlock underutilized assets through a large global network. I’m ‘stoked’ to see that other platforms, resources strained or not, see the value in keeping their members active and unifying communities on Spinlister.”

“My vision was always to make it easy for any waterman to access gear hassle free without the cost and inconvenience of shipping their own,” says Richard Klomp, CEO of Shurfing. “I couldn’t be happier to provide Shurfing users the additional value of equipment protection, renter protection, and a larger global network for sharing with other surf enthusiasts.”

Spinlister guarantees surfboards and stand up paddle boards (SUP) up to $2,000 against any theft or damage. If you would like to rent and list a surfboard or SUP please visit www.spinlister.com.

About Spinlister:

Launched on April 1st 2012, Spinlister is a peer-to-peer global bike share that allows users to rent and list bicycles, skis, snowboards, SUPs, and surfboards from each other in over 60 countries worldwide. With their seamless web, iOS and android apps, built-in security features, and a database of user reviews, Spinlister has won the trust of communities of athletes all over the globe.


Spinlister Announces the Unification of Surf Sharing Platforms

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