Motigo To Offer Powerful Emotional Fuel For America’s Top Marathoners

February 3rd, 2016

Motigo To Offer Powerful Emotional Fuel For America’s Top Marathoners

App Will Allow Fans, Family, and Friends to Leave Private Audio Messages of Support

Denver, Colorado – February 3, 2016 – In the running world, all eyes are on LA this month, with a slate of major events kicking off the week of February 8th. Denver-based startup Motigo, known for delivering personalized messages and unique audio content to runners during their race, wants to make sure that all runners always have the support and inspiration they need to achieve their goals. To do just that, we’ve crafted a week long program that lets the top US marathoners have their biggest supporters – family, friends, fans and followers, leave them personalized audio cheers to ensure they have all the support they need heading into one of their biggest days – the trials on February 13th.

We’ve taken the technology behind Motigo and modified it in a way that will allow the top marathoners to hear their messages in the days leading up to the event or afterwards, to get that positive reinforcement, love and support when it suits them best.

This initiative is about fun, community, and connection, and really represents a first of it’s kind program – giving not only the athlete’s family and friends scattered around the world the chance to cheer them on, but also allowing their biggest fans and followers the chance to engage in a more personalized way with the runners they admire most.

“After running the idea past a few of the participants, it became clear that they are just like the rest of us. They have anxiety and aspirations similar to so many runners, and they truly appreciate whenever they can be supported by their loved ones and fans – many of whom can’t be there in person”, said founder and CEO, Dan Nagler.

For the elite marathoners, Motigo is serving much like a voicemail box, but of course it’s private and eliminates the need to monitor their phone and screen calls – key as they either lock into their preparation, or decompress in the days and weeks following the event.  The messages, which will be contained in each athlete’s named “Fanbox”, can be unlocked at the request of the athlete and will be archived forever*. They will be available for replay whenever they need some inspiration or a pick me up.

Those leaving messages can download the Motigo app for iOS, or visit the Record Cheers section on our website to find the event, find their runner, and leave them a message of support – from now through February 9th. And of course, it’s free!

For the running masses using Motigo, the experience is much more in-the moment, allowing friends, family, donors and even sponsors the ability to pre-record messages that play while on the race course as participants listen to their music or other audio. The result however is the same. It’s this tangible swell of energy, confidence and perseverance that transforms a race into a personalized, memorable experience.

Looking ahead, it’s quite possible that one day these elite marathoners can return the favor with personalized in-race audio messages for the “rest of us”!

The elite runners participating in the event or those looking for more information can contact Motigo at

*Motigo has no affiliation with these athletes and has created a temporary account for the athletes, which they can then contact us to claim and unlock their messages. While messages may be left, there is no guarantee that the athlete will claim them and/or listen to them.

About Motigo

Motigo is a mobile based, social application that connects runners to their biggest supporters.  Created by a Colorado husband and wife team, Motigo professes the power to #runLOVED.  Its proprietary personalized audio messaging creates a timely and powerful connection between runners and their friends and family via personal, pre-recorded audio messages, which runners automatically hear at selected intervals throughout their event.  The app, currently available for iOS, helps runners overcome the mental and emotional challenges associated with running-event participation, while enhancing the experience for all.  From consumers to non-profits and race sponsors, everyone involved in running wins with Motigo – now available in the iPhone app store.  For more information, visit Like them on, follow on Twitter @motigoapp and Instagram @motigo.

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Motigo To Offer Powerful Emotional Fuel For America’s Top Marathoners

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