May/June 2018 Issue of Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine is Live!

May 14th, 2018

May/June 2018 Issue of Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine is Live!

Read about the first ever Men's Issue

Washington DC – Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine (ES&F), a globally-distributed magazine focusing on all aspects of ultra-distance running, cycling, triathlon and adventure racing published its first ever Men’s Issue.

“Every time I produce an issue, I aim for a balance of articles by and about both male and female athletes. For this issue, I heard from only one woman, so I decided to publish a Men’s only issue!” said Alix Shutello, CEO and Publisher.

Publishing a Men’s Issue Shutello reports, has been a bucket-list item for some time. “After 10 years of publishing ES&F Magazine I always wanted to add a men’s and women’s issue into the rotation and it happened naturally,” Shutello said. The women’s only issue article content, is already in and ready for editing for the July/August issue.

The May/June issue cover model, Joshua Forester, approached the magazine to publish an article on race medals and in the process of reviewing his credentials, Shutello asked to do a feature on him instead.

“After receiving the answers to Joshua’s interview questions, I realized we had something special here; not only did he provide fascinating information about himself, he was also very knowledgeable about racing philosophy…so we put together a both a feature article and commentary piece he authored entitled, “Moving Beyond the Lows of Endurance Competition,” Shutello explained. “It was like this for every article. Amazing male athletes provided content and ideas to me over the past few months and it became a mission of mine to turn this into well-structured and informative Men’s issue.

Those featured in this issue include men of all ages up into their sixties; and there is ample proof to show that men who participate in endurance sports only get better with age. The features, interviews and athlete profiles are complimented with the Endurance Science section, where contributor Frederick Surgent, a retired professor and endurance athlete features his article, “Mitigating Fatigue to Extend Running performance,”

An article which got a lot of momentum was a guest article contributed by Claire Hanson who wrote “Can You Train for Endurance Sports on a Vegan Diet?” Athletes Evan Bass, Perry Gray, and Michael Stokes are enjoying better health, better running, and a better social conscience as a result of going on a vegan diet. Evan Bass is on a mission to tout the importance of a vegan diet.  “Going vegan, as you’ll read, has enormous health benefits for athletes – and it’s good for the environment, too,” Bass said.

The article lineup is listed below:

Editor’s Letter
The men’s issue
By Alix Shutello

Mitigating Fatigue to Extend Running Performance
By Frederick C. Surgent

Can You Train for Endurance Sports on a Vegan Diet?
By Claire Hanson

Moving Beyond the Lows of Endurance Competition
By Joshua Forester

I Entered an Endurance Challenge and Came Home with a Stray Dog
By David Green

Justin Park Still Competes Despite His Long QT Syndrome
By Alix Shutello

Joshua Forester, Adventure Racer and Meticulous Goal Planner
By Alix Shutello

Robert Hamilton Owens Talks About Competing Through the Ages
By Alix Shutello

Jose Jeuland: Going from Pro-Triathlete to Endurance Athlete
By Alix Shutello

What Makes Endurance Athletes Tick?
By Frederick C. Surgent

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In addition to building awareness, ES&F is also looking to raise seed money to add more reporters, columnists and photographers to the publishing team. To do this, ES&F started a GoFundMe campaign. To learn more about Endurance Sports and Fitness Magazine, visit All past digital issues can be found on Titlestand.

About Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine (ES&F)

ES&F covers content on all aspects of endurance racing and training. Our stories discuss the mental aspects of training, nutrition, books, gear, race calendars and more. Our magazine offers more than just content; we also offer advertising, marketing and ad design services. We also have a prolific following on Facebook and LinkedIn. ES&F publishes 6 times a year. Issues are published in February, May/June, July/August, September/October and December.

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May/June 2018 Issue of Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine is Live!

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