FOOTBEAT will give Expo Visitors a Unique Experience at IRONMAN Arizona

November 6th, 2017

FOOTBEAT will give Expo Visitors a Unique Experience at IRONMAN Arizona

Grand Junction, CO – November 6, 2017 – Footbeat has announced their schedule of events at the IRONMAN Village in Tempe, Arizona.  Athletes and the public are invited to experience this leading technology and enter to win a FREE Footbeat Sport during the 5-day event. Footbeat is a new-to-market recovery device that accelerates muscle repair to prevent injury and relieve the aches and pains of strenuous training. Not only is Footbeat easy to use, it enables athletes to prepare, repair, and recover without interrupting their daily schedule.

Footbeat works by increasing circulation to accelerate the supply of glucose, oxygen, protein, and water to fatigued muscles.  Increased circulation promotes healing so muscles repair properly and athletes don’t see an escalation to injury.  Footbeat’s patented recovery method is painless, leaving users refreshed after use and experiencing increased performance the next day.

“Our recent launch at the IRONMAN World Championships was a huge success and we saw immediate results on athletes at our booth,” says Matt Mayer, co-founder and CEO of Footbeat. “IRONMAN Arizona is our next triathlon event and we expect athletes using Footbeat to shatter records. There is a distinct advantage to those athletes that can perform at 100% of their fitness level.”

During the expo, visitors can try Footbeat while relaxing in the Footbeat Recovery Zone.  The booth will be a relaxed environment with refreshments and entertainment. Because Footbeat avidly stands by their results, they’ll be encouraging users to have a live doppler scan, measuring the resting blood velocity compared to when Footbeat activates. “We continue to see incredible results and the doppler clearly shows athletes the physiological effectiveness Footbeat has on their blood velocity,” said Mayer. “No other recovery device can say they increase blood flow every 20 seconds to the extent Footbeat does.”

The Ironman Village will open at Tempe Beach Park on Thursday, November 16th and Footbeat will be open the entire event, including race day and finisher day.  Prizes will be drawn every hour, including two Recovery Sport Kits ($450 each).

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About Footbeat

Footbeat is a first-in-class athletic recovery device, which fundamentally changes the method of circulatory enhancement in the lower extremities. By applying precise, cyclic pressure on the arch of the foot, Footbeat increases blood velocity to assist in the removal of metabolic waste and tissue fluid.  Footbeat is easy-to-use, fits into active routines, and is ideal of travel. Through clinical studies, Footbeat is proven to improve performance and naturally speed healing so athletes recover faster and train harder. To learn more about Footbeat, visit

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FOOTBEAT will give Expo Visitors a Unique Experience at IRONMAN Arizona

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