Data-Driven Marketing 101

September 7th, 2016

Data-Driven Marketing 101

More than ever, the majority of your marketing efforts as a race director are occurring online. What digital marketing lacks in the ability to see your ads in print, it more than makes up for in the ability to instantly gauge performance.

That’s why you have to embrace data in order to be as successful as possible in marketing your event. Data isn’t always a big, scary set of numbers. Marketing data can be as simple as “impressions,” the number of people who saw a post or ad. Any data is better than none and will help you optimize what you’re doing online to achieve the best result.

The need to understand which online content is working and which needs to be amended or scrapped altogether is critical to a successful marketing campaign. Having a way to easily and quickly analyze data allows you to:

  1. Precisely aim your marketing efforts.

Great social media and online ads are just a start. In order to translate views, clicks and likes to more people interested in your endurance event, you’ve got to be sure you’re aiming for the right targets. The metric to look for is conversion rate. You may be reaching a lot of people, but if they are not converting, there’s either something wrong with your message or you’re reaching the wrong audience.

  1. Stop ignoring the marketing funnel.

Marketers in all industries have long struggled with computing ROI (return on investment). While the bottom line will tell you if your overall strategy is working, you could be missing key insights along the way. Are you getting a lot of initial clicks but little traffic to your registration page? Maybe you need to specifically test your landing page performance to see if you can get more people to the next stage. It’s worth it to invest in a tool that can easily highlight each aspect of your marketing funnel. Rather than crunching only your final numbers, it would be wise to analyze where along the way you could be losing people.

  1. See what’s working (and what isn’t).

To gain insight into the totality of your efforts, you must group your marketing messages across social platforms, email and paid search into campaigns. Comparing similar messages from different channels will allow you to quickly see which channel is working the best. You should also be able to drill down into each ad to see which types of messages are resonating with your audience the best. If this is not something you can easily do, you may need a new marketing solution.

  1. Compare, contrast and then get expert advice.

You might think a 20 percent open rate for your emails is great, but what if you discovered that other events like yours typically saw a 35 percent open rate? That’s why industry-specific benchmarks are so important. Once you’ve identified where there’s room for growth, get recommendations on how to improve your strategy.

The need to really see what marketing efforts are working is one of the reasons we launched ACTIVE Target Marketer. In tandem with ACTIVEWorks Endurance, it’s a complete marketing engine for your event. Click here to learn more.

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Data-Driven Marketing 101

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