BattleFrog Houston Proves Challenging for Top Elite Racers

April 9th, 2015

BattleFrog Dallas to Continue New Double 8K Format Plus Obstacles That Caused Unexpected Results in Elite Heats

MIAMI, FL. (April 9, 2015) – BattleFrog Houston’s unexpectedly difficult obstacles combined with the race’s new double-lap 8K format proved especially challenging for top obstacle course racing athletes vying for some of the highest cash prizes in the OCR industry. BattleFrog, the obstacle course race series founded by former Navy SEALs, predicts its next race that is slated for Dallas this weekend will be just as challenging in a year when it will award more than one million in cash and prizes to competitors.

“BattleFrog was created as a tribute to our nation’s military and to help people learn about the work Navy SEALs do,” says Don Mann, BattleFrog chief executive officer and retired U.S. Navy SEAL member of Team SIX.  “We’re excited that our events are being so well-received and attracting top racers who embrace our mission of helping people learn how to push themselves beyond their personal physical limits.”

“This was a tough course that destroyed a lot of the sport’s top athletes,” said Ryan Atkins, member of the BattleFrog Pro Team. “Everyone seemed to love being challenged, and it seems that people liked the two-lap format. Congestion wasn’t an issue, and I bet everyone will be training extra hard after this race!”

The official results of the BattleFrog Houston race event held on Saturday, March 28, 2015, are as follows:

Men’s Elite Heat 16K

Name – Time – Hometown – Prize
Ryan Atkins – 1:25:57 – Ontario, Canada – $2,000
Hobie Call – 1:32:35 – Erda, Utah – $1,500
Josh Zwonitzer – 1:37:21 – Bend, Oregon – $1,000
Isaiah Vidal – 2:03:22 – Austin, Texas – $750
Junyong Pak – 2:08:59 – Beverly, Mass. – $500

Women’s Elite Heat 16K

Name – Time – Hometown – Prize
Corinna Coffin – 1:50:45 – Blacksburg, Virginia – $2,000
Brenna Calvert – 4:27:32 – Atlanta, Georgia – $1,500
Leah Land – 5:54:22 – San Antonio, Texas – $1,000
Shaun Provost – 7:55:17 – Las Vegas, Nevada – $750
Sara Sanchez – 7:56:06 – Round Rock, Texas – $500

Men’s Masters Heat 16K 

Michael Morgan – 2:01:44 – Sugar Land, Texas – $1,000
Yancy Culp – 2:19:22 – Cedar Park, Texas – $500
Glenn Nakamur – 2:58:54 – Lakeland, Florida – $250

Women’s Masters Heat 16K 

Jolene Wilkinson – 5:56:57 – Boise, Idaho – $1,000

The next races in the series are BattleFrog Dallas to be held on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at Beaumont Ranch, 10736 County Rd. 102, Grandview, TX 76050 and BattleFrog Carolinas to be held on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at Carolina Adventure World, 1515 Arrowhead Road, Winnsboro, SC 29180.

Notable male racers scheduled to attend BattleFrog Dallas are:

  • Ryan Atkins (BattleFrog Pro Team member, winner of all 2015 BattleFrog events to date, #1 ranked OCR racer in the world);
  • Marco Bedard (BattleFrog Pro Team member);
  • Hobie Call (Atlas Pro Team member, second place winner of BattleFrog Houston Elite Heat 16K);
  • Brakken Kraker (Spartan Pro Team member, second place winner of BattleFrog Miami Elite Heat 15K);
  • Joshua Zwonitzer (Atlas Pro Team member, third place winner of BattleFrog Houston Elite Heat 16K);
  • Isaiah Vidal (Spartan Pro Team member, second place winner of BattleFrog Miami Elite Heat 15K, fourth place winner of BattleFrog Central Florida and BattleFrog Houston elite heats, second overall in the BattleFrog points series);
  • Mike Morgan (BattleFrog Houston men’s masters 8K winner); and,
  • Yancy Culp (BattleFrog Houston men’s masters 8K second place winner).

Notable female racers scheduled to attend BattleFrog Dallas are:

  • Corinna Coffin (BattleFrog Pro Team member and winner of BattleFrog Houston Elite Heat 16K);
  • Claude Godbout (BattleFrog Pro Team member);
  • Lindsay Webster (winner of BattleFrog Miami and BattleFrog Central Florida Elite Heat 15K races);
  • Alex Roudayna (WOR Pro Team member);
  • Jennette Gardner (BattleFrog Central Florida Elite Heat 15K third place winner);
  • KK Stewart-Paul (Spartan Pro Team member);
  • Leah Land (BattleFrog Houston Elite Heat 16K third place winner); and,
  • Laura Messner (WOR Pro Team member).

BattleFrog transforms each venue into a demanding obstacle course designed to test the strength, skill, and determination of any athlete. As with all BattleFrog race events, participants can choose several courses each of which is inspired by BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) Training, the six-month long qualification course that all SEALs must undergo. The race provides challenges for veterans and newcomers alike, while also providing a family friendly atmosphere for competitors and spectators of all ages.

Timing data for BattleFrog race series events is collected by CHOSEN Technologies.

BattleFrog’s 2015 season is sponsored in part by the Air Force Reserve and Kill Cliff. For more information or to register visit


About BattleFrog LLC

Founded by former U.S. Navy SEALs, BattleFrog is an intense new obstacle course race for all ages inspired by the challenges real Navy SEALs face every day in the field. Adventure and excitement wait around every corner on a demanding course that will test your limits and force you to push beyond. Designed with input from Navy SEALs, BattleFrog events are meant to create an unforgettable experience for all participants. A percentage of race series profits will benefit several Navy SEAL nonprofit organizations including the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Navy SEAL Museum & Memorial. For more information visit or follow @BattleFrogUS on Twitter.


BattleFrog Houston Proves Challenging for Top Elite Racers

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